..är ju väldigt inne just nu. Små berättelser om varumärkets historia på tagarna i plagg och väskor osv. Vitamin Water
som jag alltid brukar dricka när jag befinner mig i det här landet (det
är lite socker i – I know) (men jag dricker det ändå). Hur som helst,
de har små söta historier på sina flaskor. På nya favoriten 
XXX Acai-blueberry-pomegranate
(triple antioxidants) finns en med anspelning på Sex and the City:

“just like our girl carrie would
wonder… are healthy relationships and healthy diets really that
different? sometimes you can’t help but fall for the bad boy or at
least agree to sample the dessert tray, but does either ever have a
healthy outcome? is it possible to have both – the excitement of the
naughty with the benefits of the nice? well, we’ll leave the
relationship advice to carrie, samantha, charlotte and miranda, but we
can help with some insight into healthy lifestyles. and with the ladies
of sex and the city back looking for the next “big” thing, we thought
we’d add even a little more xxx to the silver screen – as in triple
antioxidants from acai, blueberries, and pomegranate. so think of them
as a love triangle without all the drama.”

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